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Trip-to-Kaptai – We danced, we sang, and we explored together

Writing down my favorite things has always been difficult for me. If you ask me, what is your favorite movie? I wouldn’t be able to point out that is truly my favorite. I have traveled a lot in my life, both in Asia and Europe. Not surprisingly, I wouldn’t be able to identify one trip that I could consider as the best one in my life. Despite the fact that I am bad at pinning down my favorite things, I finally dare to write up something about Study-Tour-to-Kaptai.

 I was not especially excited about this study tour. I chose to attend this tour because I believe, being there would give me an opportunity to explore Kaptai in a different way with my colleagues and students. Also, it would allow me to get a chance to know each other very well.

On Friday, January 14, at 12:00 am, finally the blissful journey began with the introductory speech from our eminent Akhter Sir.

Listen to me ladies and gentlemen – we are ready to leave

The Train

The ecstasy began when the train started to leave everything behind with its monotonous poo-jhik-jhik sound. I along with other faculties were listening to students cacophony while standing in front of their compartment. The song that gained my attraction was “Why this Kolaveri di” (sung by some of my students) which in fact forced me to believe that this song is worthy to listen. Thanks to those singers who made the journey melodious by singing the so-called flop song of the year.

Riaz sir, with a strange look, “does this song really exist?”

The Game

Very few people in this crazy world get a chance to teach their boss/seniors. Surprisingly, I am the lucky one. Correct, you just read my mind.  I got a chance to teach 29 (card game) to our Akhter sir. Guess what, he grabbed it pretty quickly and became one of my finest students by beating our opponent for three consecutive rounds. And, the game continued…

Midnight Round

No, seriously, it’s a midnight round not mid-noon.  We were going to pay a courtesy visit to our students.  The effrontery of Mousum was the most interesting part. His aberrant attitude duped most of the teachers and students to pay money.

Mousum at his best.

A tour without dance and songs wouldn’t be considered as a complete tour. Not surprisingly, Akhter sir took the initiative and changed the ambience by forcing students to dance with us. As a result we came to see some good dancers – Adib, Faysal, Adhity and Sajib. Albeit I wanted to dance, but I couldn’t dare because of their “Chammak Challo” type songs (doesn’t go with my image).

Faysal and Adib dancing – Chammak Challo 🙂

Scenic Drives

The next day, after having our breakfast from the renowned Hotel Zaman of Chittagong, the scenic drive to Kaptai started. I would recommend you to go for a drive there – at least once in your lifetime to see the real green Bangladesh. Special thanks to Anondo Sir (KB) for showing us the Karnafuly Paper Mills where the papers get produced. It was so much fun to see the papers producing, which I had read in my childhood. After that, the scenic drives continued till we reached the next spot (Zoom Restaurant). A recommendation again, you should spend your entire day there because after visiting the place, just one word came from my mind, that is “Masallah”.

Zoom Restaurant and Karnafuly Paper Mills

Picnic Spot

Finally, the most awaited picnic spot has come, and we paid a courtesy visit to the regional Navy Headquarter. Visit to the Navy headquarter was special to me, because they showed us the natural beauty of Kaptai by their boat, which in fact fulfilled one of my dreams – a journey by bus, train and boat altogether at the same day.

Picnic Spot

The cultural show began and we saw some tremendous performances from our students. The part that I would remember for my entire life, was Sayef’s pathetic attempt of mind reading of teachers (specially my one). A fantastic poem from our lovely poet KB sir cheered us for the next event. The picnic ended with a DJ from one and only DJ FISA.

The next day, I woke up very early again. We were waiting for the train to stop at Kamlapur. As you can imagine, I was really tired—but I had to go to office for work!

Study tour to Kaptai was truly a special one for me — not because of the places or even because of the journey, but because of the precious time I spent with my wonderful colleagues and students.

Thanks for reading !!

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